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HS Rehab Services offers a holistic rehabilitation model developed by the integration of the biopsychosocial components of the well-being of the clients.

We believe in quality management and rehabilitation of the clients referred to us, utilising our UK wide network of experienced and highly skilled clinicians to deliver this. Having a thorough understanding of the impact of illness or injury (medicolegal or occupational health related), we strive to deliver prompt service to ensure restoration of client's health, well-being and return to work at the earliest opportunity.

With different areas of care available including triage, musculoskeletal and occupational health physiotherapists, extended scope practitioners, non-medical prescribers and other specialist services like CBT, osteopaths, chiropractors, GPs and orthopaedic consultants, we ensure timely referral to the most appropriate care pathway. Availability of fast track services and with different referral plans to choose from, clients will benefit from cost effective and prompt rehabilitation, irrespective of nature and severity of their condition.

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