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Private companies

We are the preferred physiotherapy service providers for many medicolegal companies including Speed Medical, Premex Rehabilitation Services, Overland Health, Body Care Clinics and IPRS. Through our experience and reputation of providing quality care for more than 5 years to these companies, our track record with increasing the number of referrals and improving compliance of companies and their clients has gone from strength to strength. We use simple, measurable and validated outcome procedures and we actively encourage patients and organisations to provide feedback which reflect on our services and has helped us deliver our services more effectively meeting the expectations of the companies.

A wide range of services are offered to our patients and clients coming through medicolegal route following any form of accident/ injury. The prompt nature of service delivery helps private companies to optimise their client's expenses for the services provided. We also offer companies to be paid in cases where patient's DNA their sessions which is not the norm with other providers. Our efficiency in offering early appointments, triage management and specialist care under the one umbrella of HS Rehab Services will reduce the hassle for private companies to sort out different levels of care pathway for their clients. This will be more cost effective, achieving savings with each case referral.

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