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HS Rehab provides a wide range of services tailored according to each client's individual requirements. We cater our services to triage, medicolegal and occupational health services.

Triage services are run by our chartered physiotherapists and aim to identify patients who will benefit from the different services along our care pathway, their timely referral and management. This reduces waiting time and thus improve clinical outcomes.

A wide range of services is offered to our patients and clients coming through medicolegal route following any form of accident/ injury. To avoid delays, we can offer medical services whilst solicitors or insurers are working to gather medical evidence for case settlement. We also have provision for providing detailed medical reports, extensive physiotherapy, multidisciplinary management, diagnostic services and referral to other specialists.

HS Rehab occupational health service provides promptly delivered injury prevention and management services, which will effectively assist in reducing the cost of absence to your business. This is achieved through the implementation of our holistic rehabilitation model developed by the integration of multiple service packages which includes but not limited to: injury prevention and management through risk analysis, job task analysis, work environment assessment, functional capacity evaluation, and functional restoration.

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