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Occupational Health Services

To prevent injury at work. To keep people healthy and fit at work. To bring people back to work.

HS Rehab Occupational Health Service provides promptly delivered services and effectively assists in reducing the cost of absence to your business. Benefits of our service include improved productivity, increased employee engagement and a reduction in staff absence.

Many businesses rely on NHS services to manage musculoskeletal issues amongst their employees. With NHS waiting lists for physiotherapy services often exceeding 2 months, there can be lengthy delay in employees receiving early treatment and advice. This can affect businesses in a number of ways including lengthy employee sickness absence and loss of productivity. This not only affects the financial performance of the business, but also has a significant impact on the employees` recovery and general wellbeing.

HS Rehab has an enviable track record in providing musculoskeletal clinical support to the NHS and private sector across the UK. We are able to provide a wide range of clinical services either at an organisation's own site or across the UK via the national clinical network.

HS Rehab Services offers a holistic rehabilitation model developed by the integration of the biopsychosocial components of the well-being of the employees.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is a specialised area in which we can assist you to identify the root causes and reducing the risk in the work place. So it will prevent the harm occurring and also will protect both the employee and organisation. Our range of Care provides the holistic framework that is designed to lower the risk of prevalence and cost of injuries in the workplace. We have created and deployed systems across various industries and organisations. Each solution is customised to meet the needs of the relevant workplace.

We offer a range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-employment Screening.
  • Health & Well - being services.
  • Education & Training.

Occupational assessment

This is a person specific service to assist and support individuals who are returning to work following injury, to ensure that they are comfortable at their workstation and to reduce the risk of a further injury occurring. The assessment includes working environment and the job role analysis of the each employee. This service is aimed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury and promote self-management by providing recommendations and then supporting our clients to help them implement initiatives based on these assessments.

The service includes:

  • Job Task Analysis: Our experienced occupational health experts can conduct the Job Task Analysis (JTA) which will involve a comprehensive examination and breakdown of the demands specific to a particular task within your workplaces.
  • Ergonomic assessment: We have an expertise of providing you with HSE compliant DSE (Display Screen Equipment) and Reasonable Adjustment Assessment (RAA) to meet the specific needs of your employees.
  • Occupational risk analysis- This will comprise of:
  1. Identifying the threat.
  2. Determining who could beat risk of getting injured or falling sick.
  3. Estimating the occupational risk arising from the threats and evaluate whether the measures used are appropriate or should further action be taken to reduce this risk further.
  4. Documenting and reporting the results.

Musculoskeletal Injury Management.

Conventionally, small niggles and aches that are left to linger and not treated in their earliest onset can result in expensive claims, lost time and a decrease in productivity. While these injuries have significant financial impact on an organisation, they also negatively affect the injured employee.

HS Rehab has a team of fully trained and experienced chartered physiotherapists, who will support your organisation to, identify injuries in their earliest onset and activate a rapid response action plan to prevent them from becoming long, drawn out claims.

The organisation can choose the most suitable services from the following, based on the demand and requirement of the business.

Telephone Triage & Case Referral Services: HS Rehab has a team of highly experienced chartered physiotherapists to conduct the triage services. This service is a proved alternative to the conventional musculoskeletal injury management services. This is highly suitable for the businesses those have employees across the UK. The telephone consultation will be a source of immediate reassurance for the patients. Our Triage team will contact your employee within 24 hours and will conduct an injury specific Musculoskeletal assessment and red flag screening over the telephone. Based on the outcome of the telephonic consultation the employee will either receive 4 to 6 weeks of self-management advice or exercise via email or onward referral for face to face consultation.

Face To Face Treatment: we offer the treatment for the Musculoskeletal injury for your employees through our onsite or offsite physiotherapy clinics. We guarantee an appointment in 3 days and are committed to getting your employees better in an average of 3 treatment sessions. We will keep you informed the health status of the employee through our comprehensive reporting system.

Onsite Physiotherapy Clinic

HS Rehab onsite Physiotherapy Clinics can provide your business with a highly effective and streamlined solution to the prevention, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal injuries. We use the holistic rehabilitation model to facilitate the quick recovery of the employee to their full fitness and efficiency.

Off-site Physiotherapy Clinic

We use our nationwide network system to offer the evidenced based high-quality rehabilitation services.

Occupational Rehabilitation

Occupational rehabilitation is the science and practice of returning injured workers to a level of work activity that is appropriate to their functional and cognitive capacity.

As an occupational rehabilitation specialist, we can assist your organisation to facilitate individuals' ability to return to work. We will assist your injured employees to reach their maximum level of function with the aim of meeting the physical and emotional demands of their job. We can also make recommendations to the organisation to downgrade job demands to meet the functional status of an employee in order to prevent further injury during occupational rehabilitation.

Some of the rehabilitation tools we use in the occupational health sector are:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation.
  • Functional Restoration Programme.

We believe the workplace is the best environment to promote a healthy, active lifestyle leading to decreased sickness absence, increased employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Statistical data from 2014 - 2015 shows that there were an average of 23.3 million days lost due to work-related ill health and 4.1 million due to workplace injuries in the UK during. On average, each person suffering took around 15 days off work, 19 days for ill health cases and 6.7 for injuries. Stress, depression or anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive service to assist your employees in promoting wellbeing and prevent illness and injury arising from work related activities. We aim to promote the physical, psychological health and well-being of employees thereby achieving maximum staff productivity.

We can provide a bespoke package with highly effective, fun and interactive health and wellbeing initiatives for your organisation and your budget. Our packages typically consist of:

  • Back care self-management interventions.
  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • Diabetes advice.
  • Healthy eating advice.
  • Physical activity and exercise advice.
  • Relaxation training.
  • Self-management advice for long term conditions
  • Smoking cessation.
  • Stress management.
  • Weight management.
  • Post-operative rehabilitation.

HS Rehab Services are market leaders in employee development and business improvement; we understand that every company has specific needs and training objectives. To meet your needs and demands, we involve a variety of tools and approaches to ensure that we clearly understand your needs, desires, concerns, objectives, and related processes in advance of training. Our training experts will analyse and identify specific strengths and opportunities for improvement, and we develop SMARTT, customised training programmes for your organisation.