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HS Rehab Occupational Health Service provides promptly delivered services and effectively assists in reducing the cost of absence to your business. Benefits of our service include improved productivity, increased employee engagement and a reduction in staff absence.

Our range of care provides a holistic framework that is designed to lower the risk of the occurrence and cost of injuries in the workplace. We have created and delivered systems across various industries and organisations with each solution being customised to meet the needs of the individual workplace.

HS Rehab is supported by a national network of fully trained and experienced chartered physiotherapists and clinicians, which allows us to support your organisation, identify injuries at their earliest onset and activate a rapid response action plan to prevent them from becoming long, drawn out claims.

As an occupational rehabilitation specialist, we can assist your organisation to facilitate individuals' ability to return to work. We will assist your injured employees to reach their maximum level of function with the aim of meeting the physical and emotional demands of their job. We are also well equipped and experienced in making recommendations to downgrade job demands to meet the functional status of an employee in order to prevent further injury during occupational rehabilitation through detailed functional capacity assessment.

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